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jQuery Mobile is a HTML5 based user interface system that is compatible with all popular mobile device platforms. It is built over the popular and proven jQuery and jQuery UI products.


With two equally popular but totally incompatible mobile device platforms in the iPhone & Android, developers were faced with a huge challenge. Similarly as there are no standards as far as the profile of mobile devices are concerned developing applications that run on all devices was a mobile programmer’s nightmare. This is where we see the advantage of mobile application development using jQuery Mobile.


Some of the advantages of using jQuery Mobile are:


It is a lightweight framework and therefore applications respond faster.


Compatible with all major mobile, tablet, e-reader & desktop platforms - iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm Nokia/Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and many more.


Cleverly built to allow the same codebase to automatically scale from Smartphone to desktop-sized screens.


Based on a modular architecture that allows the application to only include the features needed for a particular application.


Our jQuery Mobile development team has vast experience creating jQuery Mobile applications. Take advantage of our jQuery Mobile software development expertise to build your next multi platform mobile application. Being an offshore jQuery Mobile software development firm we are able to offer highly skilled jQuery Mobile programmers at very affordable rates.


Contact us to find out how our expert jQuery Mobile developers can bring your mobile application to life !

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