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AbleCommerce is a fully customizable real-time electronic commerce shopping system with online store building and multiple store management features. All system and merchant level administration runs entirely from any standard web browser. Merchants and enterprise level developers alike can quickly generate secure, full-featured stores for today and tomorrow.




Cartweaver combines the Macromedia development environment with the power of ColdFusion. Cartweaver is the first of it's kind. Cartweaver is as easy to edit and modify in the Dreamweaver MX visual environment as it is in CFStudio or Homesite+. Cartweaver is easy to set up and modify, it's well documented and the code is extensively commented.


CF Conf Central


One stop to find out about any upcoming CF related events (including CFUG meetings, seminars, and conferences).




ColdFusion based shopping cart.




CFDEV.COM is a leading developer of Custom Tags, Applications, and Resources for Macromedia ColdFusion developers. Activedit, CFDEV.COM's flagship product, an HTML editor that can be used like a textarea, is the winner of the ColdFusion Developers Journal Readers Choice award for best custom tag.




Yahoo style Coldfusion Link Directory.


The ColdFusion FAQ site, now in over a dozen languages! - ColdFusion frequently asked questions (answers too). Browse, read, comment, and submit questions of your own too.


Hundreds of pages of materials for Cold Fusion developers updated daily. Includes articles, tutorials, discussion lists, and more.




CF powered CF site, tips, chat rooms, job listings, a newsletter, tutorials, and lots of users.


CFMentor - ColdFusion Italian Resource


The only Italian site dedicated exclusively to ColdFusion. Articles, links, mailing lists, source code, and lots of links.


CFPortal is the biggest ColdFusion community in South America. Resources include articles, news, tutorials, examples, and more.


Online store for ColdFusion add-ons. Browse and buy tags, developers can list and sell their own tags too.






 If you're looking for an easy e-commerce solution in Cold Fusion, CFWebstore is a complete and affordable storefront and shopping cart application developed especially for developers to use for their sites.




Macromedia Coldfusion based banner ad management software. 25K Free impressions for small businesses and personal Web Sites. Supports Microsoft Access, SQL 2000, Oracle & MySQL.




ColdFusion cut and paste code snippets, hosted by TeraTech


ColdFusion FAQ


 FAQ with all sorts of questions and answers relating to ColdFusion and CFML. Based primarily on information on the cf-talk list.


ColdFusion Forum at Tek-Tips


 ColdFusion technical support forum and mutual help system for computer professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.


Common Function Library Project


One of the most exciting new features in CF5 is support for UDF's (User Defined Functions). The purpose of the Common Function Library Project (CFLP) is to create a set of user-defined function libraries for ColdFusion 5.0. These libraries are open source and may be used and modified to your liking.


Developers of the inFusion Mail Server (iMS), world's most configurable mail server. iMS is the only mail server platform that is 100% configurable using ColdFusion templates. This allows developers to create their own unique email applications, just as they would a web server application.


Home of WebSite Pro which now works with ColdFusion MX.


ColdFusion tutorial site.




Ektron is a leader in developer-friendly Web content authoring, publishing and management for non-technical end users. Ektron's easy-to-deploy, affordable software enables users to easily update, publish and manage Web content from anywhere without knowing HTML or XML, while working in an environment easily controlled by Web professionals. Nearly one million individuals worldwide use Ektron's award-winning products.


Everything you need to know about integrating ColdFusion and Flash, with lots of tutorials, and sample apps (for you to download and play with).


Hot Banana


Hot Banana is a full-featured web content management system (CMS) that empowers your organization's web content producers with the tools to create, manage and publish web content. It's the only Search Engine friendly, robust, easy-to-use, web content management system designed specifically for small and medium-sized organizations. Hot Banana is a 100% ColdFusion MX based application and can be deployed on Windows, UNIX and IBM's WebSphere server.


House of Fusion


Mike Dinowitz's invaluable Cold Fusion site, lots of links, tags, and resources.


An online jobsite dedicated exclusively to ColdFusion professionals.




Makers of KRules (Business Rules Engine for ColdFusion) and KCommerce (a set of components enables developers to build B2C & B2B sites in internet time).


Non-Stick CartEase Shopping System


CartEase is a robust, easily extendible online shopping system for Cold Fusion users.


ProWorkflow: The online (CF) job management solution for creative professionals!


ProWorkflow is an easy, efficient, and accurate way for businesses to manage their jobs, tasks and time, anytime, anywhere. ProWorkflow offers a simple, yet powerful solution which can be customized by you to your specific needs. This software is available in encrypted or open source versions.


Quick Cart(tm) is a powerful hosted e-commerce solution for merchants and professional site designers alike. More than just a shopping cart system, this system is scalable enterprise level e-commerce engine that can handle unlimited transactions. Quick Cart(tm) builds a complete shopping cart E-commerce store in minutes without any knowledge of HTML or Programming all through our easy to use control panel. Unlike Yahoo! stores and others, Quick Cart Store Building System does not take a percentage of your hard earned profits. Quick Cart(tm) will easily integrate into any current web site and works with all major Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateway Providers including PAYPAL and


Shopping Cart Software


ColdFusion powered shopping cart makes your site look more professional and encourages the user to purchase your goods. If a customer has to write details down, phone through the order, spend 5 minutes on the phone (possibly long distance), then you've lost a large number of your customers already. Our shopping cart system is simple, user friendly, looks good and works great. It can be modified to suit just about any type of business. It offers ease of use, customer sales history and a simple interface that anybody can use.




Top-rated, web-based project management application. Vertabase Pro gives you a streamlined way to complete projects, maximize your team's results and keep track of all your work in one central solution. Vertabase Pro lets people focus on doing their best work, with each person helping in each in the process. Detailed project information, for everyone involved, at your fingertips.


Yahoo! Groups : coldfusion-howto


The 'Cold Fusion - How To' group provides an email based forum where members can read and post anything about Cold Fusion and related topics like Tutorials, Tips, Problems, What's new etc. It's FREE and EASY.


Features ColdFusion development tools, industry-wide news, support forums, and a resource center with discussion boards


A no-nonsense portal that offers immediate access to ColdFusion solutions, hosting, and custom tags you can purchase. The site also includes links to ColdFusion developer groups around the world, tips, reference material, and points you to training opportunities.




With an enormous selection of applications, content management tools, database tools, and development tools, this site enables you to download solutions quickly and easily. Also, CF_Exchange offers a customer-submitted report card that rates the quality of all their products. That way, you know if the product delivers on its promise.


A developer resource designed to bring together top quality content and interactive discussions to a central hub for ColdFusion developers.


CF Mentor


A ColdFusion Web resource for Italian-speaking developers. Offers ColdFusion articles, tutorials, custom tag download, and a job listing.


Home to over 74,000 members, this site provides FREE hosting and an extensive resource center that includes: tutorials, CF tags, a coding Q&A section, support forums, an online store, and forums that enable you to network with other developers.


CF Spot


Contains current news, an Online ColdFusion Test Center to gauge your programming smarts, a Job Center, and discussion boards. Join the Dog Pack and bask in the rewards.


The Common Function Library Project


Established to create a set of user-defined functions for ColdFusion 5. The libraries are open source and can be used and modified.




A site dedicated to ColdFusion and Macromedia Flash application development. Offers tutorials, a message board, and mailing list.


Visit Ben Forta's site! The ColdFusion Product Evangelist offers you keen insights, extensive links to other members of the ColdFusion community, CF tags, links to books, articles, tips, and other resources that will extend your understanding of ColdFusion.


Fusion Authority


A ColdFusion resource and information site, including a "Weekly News Alert" e-mail newsletter focused on timely security alerts, news items, programming tips and articles.


Fusion Directa


A ColdFusion Web resource for Spanish-speaking developers. Offers ColdFusion articles, tutorials, custom tag download, and discussion forums.


House of Fusion


Home of the infamous CFTALK e-mail discussion group and also groups for Allaire Spectra and JRun. Security information and related CF bookmarks are here too.


The home of the WDDX SDK and related projects. Offers technology, articles, and public forums to empower developers.

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