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When it comes to building Flash applications our programmer ninjas leverage the power of Flex and ActionScript to fast track your project


We had always known about the power of Flash and its suitability in creating a compelling user experience. However, like many other OOP developers we could not get our head around the development environment which was essentially targeted at designers rather than developers. We are far more comfortable speaking in terms of iterations & inheritance rather than "stage" or "scene". So the arrival of Flex with ActionScript was just what the doctor ordered.

When you want Flash to jump through hoops and do cartwheels, Flex with ActionScript is what you need! At Digital Mesh we identified the power and benefits of rich internet applications early on. Thus, even before we had won any major project on Flex our developers were trained in working with and developing applications on Flex.

Flex gives you the power, responsiveness, and ease of use that’s normally associated with desktop software. Using Flex we have built shopping carts, user interactive product customization and selection software, collaboration software, and so on. Our experience also enables us to integrate Flex into your existing environments and languages with ease. We can integrate Flex into .Net, Java, or PHP.

With ActionScript 3.0 the entire RIA development paradigm has shifted. It is no longer a simple authoring utility or even a just a scripting language. The language was fundamentally restructured to support standard programming language concepts like compile and runtime type checking plus being Object Oriented. This kind of power and sophistication has enabled us to scale our application development on Flash, Flex, or AIR to new heights.

Our developers have built robust, scalable applications that run seamlessly in the browser or desktop using ActionScript in Flex or AIR environments. We have adopted Cairngorm as our development framework for creating Rich Internet Applications with Flex. Caringorm is a lightweight micro-architecture that is based on the MVC model. Cairngorm is widely accepted in the RIA development community as the best design pattern for creating scalable and easy to maintain RIA applications. It is also recommended by Adobe, the architects of Flex & ActionScript.

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"To build our (online collaboration flex) software - www.glasnost21.com... we needed a substantial development team with excellent technical skills...High quality...developers are expensive, and high quality Flex developers are rare and expensive...Digital Mesh...enabled us to build a great product, as opposed to just having a great idea.”

Anthony Slumbers,
Estates Today,
London Read the full testimonial here


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