• Brassard Brassard
    The Brassard sling is a novel contemporary approach to protecting the arm following injury or surgery.
    Technology : .Net, SilverLight, SQL 2005
    MCCOM Inc. has been serving the production, post-production, television, cable TV, religious TV and corporate industries for over 20 years. They Buy, Trade and Sell new & used broadcast video & audio equipment. They maintain an extensive inventory as well as broker equipment for their customers.We created an extremely flexible shop cart application for them. The cart supports "n" categories and sub categories. All the content on the site is use maintainable using a custom "Content Management System" that we created.
    Technology : MSSQL, .Net, JavaScript
  • Federation of Tax Advisers Federation of Tax Advisers
    The FTA was founded to provide tax payers with security when dealing with a tax agent. The FTA provides tax information to the public and its members through regular briefings, tax tips, Budget updates and an annual software survey. Clients of FTA members can be confident that their tax affairs are dealt with competently and in a professional manner.
    Technology : MSSQL, .Net, JavaScript
  • Villa Rentals Villa Rentals
    This application allows people who own villas for rent to advertise and for holiday makers to search for them. The highlight is the multi lingual content manager. The content on the site can be displayed in as many languages as required without making any changes to the code.
    Technology : MSSQL, .Net, JavaScript
  • Winesouk Winesouk
    We created this application as a "Proof of Concept" to showcase what Flex can do. It is a shop cart with a drag and drop interface.
    Technology : Flex, MSSQL, .Net
  • Where To Find Parking Where To Find Parking
    You can find complete Manhattan street parking regulations details about more than 550 Manhattan parking garages which can help save motorists not just money, but also precious time and stressful aggravation. Subscribers can input a cross street and pick the size of the area they want to search. These users will also have the option to input a time of day and date of their choosing which will allow them to see all the streets with "good" (legal) parking regulations and parking garages based on their search.The site can be accessed from mobile devices such as Palm Pilots, Pocket PCs, Blackberrys, PDAs, internet-friendly cell phones and of course laptops & desktop computers.
    Technology : MSSQL, .Net, JavaScript, Windows Mobile
  • Image Editor Image Editor
    This simple image editor was created with Jquery, .NET/MVC 3 and is a good example of the power and flexibility of Jquery. The application allows you to upload an image, overlay some text on it, resize it, change text color and then save it to your environment. It will be fairly simple to add new features such as crop, rotate etc. The application has been tested on all popular browsers.
    Technology : .Net, C#, MVC3, Jquery