Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson is still in control feats exclusion: he would not let go


Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson , Manchester United began to fall into the inevitable turbulent period , Wholesale Jerseys after experiencing two straight at home , Manchester United had lost to the league nine , from the top of Arsenal has 13 points difference . Sir Alex Ferguson has called on the media to be quickly coming to save Manchester Wholesale NFL Jerseys United, but the Red Devils exploits midfielder Roy - Keane disclosure Recently, Ferguson has none really left , he still attempted to sole control of Manchester United .


In an interview with Britain 's Wholesale MLB Jerseys ITV interview , Keane said: " Everything relating to the control and rights , he ( Ferguson ) is still not doing nothing, but in full chase, even if he is no longer the coach of the team all this . because he was very tall , take yourself too seriously . "


When asked about the Wholesale Jerseys relationship between the current and Ferguson , Keane replied: " I ​​have no relationship with him ." Not long ago, Ferguson has angrily Keane to the locker room , " global hegemony " in the recently published autobiography , and details he was described in detail how to get rid of Keane . Wholesale NFL Jerseys When asked whether he would therefore disappointed Ferguson , Keane said: "That man made ​​no matter what the thing , I would not be surprised ."


When asked to point out Wholesale MLB Jerseys the advantages and disadvantages of the maximum Ferguson , Keane said: "He does best callous , but his greatest loyalty is Vital ." Finally Keane said he worked with Sir Alex Wholesale NHL Jerseys Ferguson is definitely not the most outstanding coach, his eyes , the former Nottingham Forest manager Brian - Clough is the best .


Last season, Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United not only has created the last four consecutive record won a penalty , Wholesale Jerseys and still reap the advantages of strong dialogue . Chelsea opener , Clattenburg two penalty Blues , Manchester United's offside ignore lore ball ; northwest derby referee penalty Shelvey ; Christmas campaign against Newcastle , the Red Devils won up to nine minutes of stoppage time , and ultimately complete reversal . And in April against Aston Villa won the night , Manchester United 's Wholesale NBA Jerseys three goals have offside . However , the referee for Manchester United this season, no longer favored , is the focus of the first battle of arrangement is almost Ferguson had been repeatedly criticized on the " controversial referee ." Paul Scholes was sent off , Vidic 's main post Marina Northwest Derby , ignoring the results Welbeck penalty requirements , the Red Devils defeated and go. Chelsea is also known as the " Blues Queen " Atkinson main post , he again ignored the handball foul Frank Wholesale NHL Jerseys Lampard . Even Manchester City Derby Devils got " Manchester United Queen " referee Webb , actual combat almost did not get cheaper , but also led to Ryan Giggs after the game the players chasing the assistant referee channel farce .


Red Devils get a penalty Wholesale Jerseys a few changes in the most direct data - nearly half of the league so far this season , Manchester United get a total of only two penalties , the first 15 Manchester United a penalty is not only the number of public protests to get as many as four ! The number of penalties Wholesale NBA Jerseys last season, Manchester United get is 7 , 2011 /12 season as much as 11 ! Moreover, the added time in 15 games this season, Manchester United can get greatly reduced compared with the previous season, the most direct manifestation of lore ball dropped significantly. Manchester United last season, had five times in injury time lore opponents Manchester United this season, scoring in stoppage time after only one or Welbeck icing on the cake , but two balls into the lore opponents . 15 Manchester United only let one game opponents sent off , but last season the figure was 5 !

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