Best E-Commerce Research Tools To Rank Your Website

Top e-commerce research tools

E-commerce is at peak now like never before. It has emerged as a bridge to global productivity that has lost during pandemic COVID-19.  Its immense outreach to the world has created a lot of competition among the businessmen. Every small mortar-brick businesses have started expanding their shop to online platforms. The number of e-commerce development service providers and websites has increased all over the world. The need to hire expert website developers and digital marketers from the best web builder for e-commerce has also risen.

The best way to sell online is by having a customized e-commerce website. There are many tools available over the internet that aids e-commerce website development services. This blog will help you if you are intending to start a new website for your business and worried about how to rank your website first in Google or how to boost the website on Google.

The tools for e-commerce development can be categorized into:

  1. Website tools – These are also known as e-commerce platforms that set up your store like Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. 
  2. Research tools – These are ones that identify opportunities in our niche and helps us how to improve our website and campaigns. This blog is all about these research tools like SEMRush, Moz Pro and Ahrefs.
  3. Business tools – These tools help to manage the process operations, logistics and finances of your e-commerce store. For example – Shipping Easy, Sourcify and EcomDash.
  4. Marketing tools – These are the tools that help to drive traffic to your website. It aids in converting leads into customers. For example – MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Bulk.Ly and OmniStar
  5. Analytics tools – These helps us to analyze our work and its progress. Like VWO: Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely Analytics and Google Analytics.

The selection of tools can defer from business to business depending on different requirements. Few main factors that should be considered while selecting a perfect tool are budget, SEO, mobile application friendliness, onsite search and scalability. Websites should be crafted in a way to have the best landing pages for e-commerce. The landing pages of websites and web applications act as the face to your whole business page and it decides whether the customer will try it or pass it.

Each of these tool categories has its own different important roles in business website development. You can also the hire best e-commerce developer who knows how to combine a smart marketing strategy with the right e-commerce tool.  

Based on our professional web developers and digital marketing experts’ experiences, we have picked out a few best paid and free e-commerce research tools that would help to create a keyword rich user friendly website.  These tools will also help to keep an eye on the competitors and learn what is making them rank on top.

Best Paid E-Commerce Tools –

Ahrefs is a great all in one tool that includes marketing and SEO features. It helps us in understanding the web marketing strategies of competitor ecommerce sites. Ahrefs comprises of keyword difficulty, search volume, return rate, backlink report etc. It is widely used by creative content writers to create an SEO friendly website.

SEMRush is one of the most popular tools used for website analysis. Many top offshore e-commerce website development companies prefer this tool over the others due to its performance. It shows an insight to page’s content, keywords, offers solutions for SEO, PPC, social media and competitive research. SEMRush is widely used to improve the page by analyzing SEO and indicating strengths and weaknesses of a complete site.

Another golden method to optimize your website is by collecting customer feedbacks, opinions and criticisms. These data collections can be used to learn your customers in depth, their likes dislikes product ideas etc and work in their favour. SurveyMonkey is online software that helps to create custom surveys that will help you rank your website on top. It offers around 31 templates, questions and analysis feature.

Best Free E-Commerce Tools –

This is a basic tool by Google that is used by almost all the writers to plan and check popular keywords.  It lets people discover the most searched keywords and more related suggestions with its search volume. Keywords can also be searched based on different audience’s locations.

Google Trends, another great tool from Google that gives people extra information which isn’t provided by the Keyword Planner tool. The trends on Google can be explored according to different regions using this tool. It comes in very handy when you need to focus or study population of a particular country.

 Google Analytics is one of the most powerful analytical tools used by e-commerce web application development companies. It is considered as a must have tool because of its rich analytical features like traffic tracking, PPC ads conversions and it also helps to optimize websites. It is highly recommended if you are selling anything online.  Google analytics gives a detailed picture of how our website performs and what can be done to improve it. You can check out its free training user manual if you are new to this.

This free tool of Google checks if your website or Android app is Google-friendly and shows up in relevant search results. It was previously called Google Webmaster tool and is often used by even small business owners, hobbyists, SEO experts, digital marketers, web programmers, web designers, mobile app developers. The important resources provided by this platform are Search analytics report, Alert errors, Fetch as Google. This lets the user see if Google bot can understand your content and shows us if its bug free.

All of these tools are used by our ecommerce development team to ensure our offshore software development company’s website remains healthy and on track. Hope this article has helped you to select the best tools to create a Google friendly top ranking website. At Digital Mesh, we also have expertise in integrating several marketplaces and payment systems to custom websites in our e-commerce development company in India.

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