iOS v/s Android App Development: Which Platform to Develop First?

Android and iOS operating systems are the leading systems for mobile app development. Both of these give a tough competition in the software and hardware components of mobile devices. Developing apps on both of the operating systems might be difficult for Startups if you don’t have sufficient resources. It can get risky and expensive to work simultaneously on both. Choosing one of the platforms will totally affect the project timelines, budget, and the chances to get final revenue out of your idea.

Let’s discuss the major aspects one by one to help you make the final decision –

1. Audience

Android app development is the leader in the mobile operating systems market share.  The latest stats till July 2020 show us that Android scores 74.14%, while iOS gained only 25.26% of the total market worldwide.

ios vs android app development

However, you should also check the geographic areas and demographic sectors. The below map shows reports of 2019 [Image source: Digitaltrends].

iOS vs android development

The audience on Android and iOS mobile app services can be divided into two. The Android app development market share comes from developing countries and areas with lower-income. Comparatively iOS app development shares show that most of its users with a higher level of engagement and are more willing to pay for apps and in-app purchase.

So, select your operating system based on the demographics and the audience. Hire Android app developers if you want to create mobile app services with features for developing countries. Or, you can hire iOS app developers if you wish to work on iPhone app services focusing on the audience who expect to purchase your app or items within your app. There are many offshore Android and iOS application development companies who will be happy to provide you services.

2. Development Cost

The Android app development companies state that its prices may be higher than iOS app development services because Android OS powers many devices with different screen sizes, which ultimately increases the development cost and time.  

On the other hand, iPhone app development companies have to work with limited devices on iOS. However, the final cost of iOS and Android app development services depends on the number of features and its complexity.

The studies state that an expert Android or iOS developer might need two three months to create a basic Android or iPhone mobile application. And to create complicated mobile application services like social networks or taxi-hailing apps with database and API integrations, it might even take five months or more for Android or iOS developers.

3. Mobile App Revenue

The iOS App Development companies are seen to make more revenue than Android app development agencies since Apple users are willing to pay for the app or some app features twice more often than Android users. Android app development services have a broader audience in general, whereas iOS app services have more engaged users.

So, if app monetization is one of your goals then these points may help you. The users’ on iOS app development services are more likely to make in-app purchases. Monetizing your mobile applications without ads and with subscriptions, freemium models, or in-app purchases via iOS app development companies would be a better choice. The below stats of SensorTower shows that Apple’s app store generated approximately $32.8 billion globally that is nearly twice as Google’s play store($17.3 billion).

ios vs android development

4. Tablet Friendly

If your mobile app development strategy is heavily focused on tablet use, then I would prefer you to hire an iOS app developer. That’s because the iPads of iOS app development services dominate the tablet industry and it’s really common to find a guy using an Android mobile device but using an iPad instead of Android tablet.

Another Option: Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

If you still are confused and want to develop apps on both iOS and Android services at the same time, then Cross-Platform mobile applications might be a solution for you. You can hire a cross-platform developer to create a multi-platform mobile application that can function on different operating systems like Android, iOS, or Windows.

This Cross-platform application approach is cost-effective and less time-consuming as native app development services. And that is because the mobile app developers can reuse the code and avoid repeating the same programming actions. Hiring an expert mobile application developer for the multi-platform apps can create and maintain it easily for you.

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