Top 5 iOS App Development Tools for building best iPhone Apps

iOS App Development Tools

Creating a mobile presence has become mandatory for survival for enterprise brands with the rapid rise of Smartphone and its users in the past decade.  The real competition amongst enterprises is not with traditional businesses, but with those who have already transformed into mobile-first companies. The top rival operating systems today are iOS and Android platforms. Studies state that 98% of the world’s whole mobile platforms are based on these two operating systems. 

The luxury of iOS and iPhone mobile app platform has attracted an enormous pool of loyal customers in the mobile market. What attracts most is the authenticity and security that iOS app development companies provide. The circle of iPhone mobile lovers is increasing and adopting more of the Apple devices. And its flourishing success have led Apple to launch many more devices like Mac, MacBook, iPad, Apple watches, iPods apart from iPhones.

The success of mobile phone apps is dependent on extensive planning, in-depth research, customer experience, app user interface and design, app features and third-party integrations. The iOS and iPhone app development agency thus hires expert iOS developers who are skilled in scripting high-quality codes for developing the best iPhone applications. The top iOS development companies use advanced iOS tools and technologies to simplify the process of iPhone app development services. 

We have created a short list of the best five iOS and iPhone app development tools that are preferred by the top iOS app developers over the globe. Selecting the best out of a pool of top tools like AppCode, Dash, Xcode, Testflight, Code Runner, Jazzy is a little tricky.

Top 5 iOS App development tools trusted by iOS experts for building the best iPhone apps:

Firebase is backed by Google to build better apps. It helps the web app and mobile developers to build apps fast without managing the infrastructure. It also provides databases, analytics, messaging and crash reporting so developers can move quickly and focus on their users. It offers functionalities like Cloud Firestore, Firebase ML, Cloud Functions and Storage, Authentication and hosting, Crashlytics, and Extensions etc.

It is easy to integrate on iOS mobile application services. Few of its integrations are with Google Ads, AdMob, Google Marketing Platform, Play Store, Data Studio etc        

It is one of the most popular code snippet manager and free API documentation browser. The team at Dash has officially announced that ‘Dash for iOS’ is discontinuing since it was unusable on iOS 13 and were not sustainable. However, it will be available for app developers in ‘Dash for macOS’ in App Stores starting from December 2020.  Dash gives instant offline access to over 200 and API doc sets in iPad and iPhone apps. Dash even gives its user the privilege to generate or request own docsets. It comes with many docsets including iOS, macOS, .NET Framework, Django, PhoneGap, Cordova, Zend Framework etc.

XCode is said to the most versatile tool for developing iOS applications and IDE for macOS. It is preferred by iOS experts for developing software for multiple Apple devices like macOS, iOS, iPad, watchOS, and AppleTV. It comes with a source code checker and auto complete functionality which allows the expert mobile developers to build apps fast with a smooth finish. Xcode IDE is considered to be the centre of all Apple devices and it is integrated with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks.

Hyperion is the best in-app design review tool usually preferred by developers and iOS Development agency for program inspections. It is also a hidden plug-in tool that can be integrated easily in an app. 

By default, Hyperion offers three plug-ins :

  • Measure Plug-in measures the distance of two views
  • View Inspector Plug-in that checks the properties of the views
  • Slow Animation Plug-in reduces the animation speed.

Raygun is the best choice of iOS programmers for online debugging tools. It provides a fully integrated error, iOS crash reporting, performance monitoring and deep error diagnostic solutions. Most app developers use Raygun to track the software issues faced during the individual sessions and work on user interactions for improving the performances. It is used by big firms like Coca-Cola, Domino’s, Microsoft and Samsung.

These are the best tools that top iOS app development companies and expert iOS developers use for iPhone app development services. At Digital Mesh, we have helped our global clients by building them their custom mobile applications. Our iOS and Android experts have proven exposure to develop enterprise iOS and Android app mobility solutions in our offshore iPhone iOS and Android mobile app development company in India.

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