The Importance of PHP Web Development

PHP Web Development

The criticality for any modern business to have a web interface cannot be over stressed. Customers increasingly prefer to do business over the internet. But once you decide to create an online presence the number of technology choices before you can seem confusing.  The web site must be fast loading, easy to navigate and also scalable. It is important to choose the most appropriate programming language and database.  

PHP & MySQL is a great combination for creating simple as well as enterprise grade web applications that are secure, fast and scalable. There are many compelling reasons to use PHP to create your web application. As we know, the most commonly used language in website and web application development is PHP since it is a general purpose, server-side scripting language that runs on a web server that is designed to make dynamic pages and applications.

Much of the syntax of PHP will be familiar to those who have experience in C and C++, because PHP was evolved from these languages. These are two of the commonly used programming languages, and the familiarity will make it easier for the programmers to transition from C and C++ for desktop development and PHP for web development. PHP is also closely related to MySQL, the most popular choice to create and access databases. 

PHP has been carefully developed to offer more advanced capabilities than C, but with greater emphasis on the commands that are to be used for web development. We can save a considerable amount of money and time compared to other languages that are unfamiliar and less efficient because of this.

Let us have a brief look into the benefits of using PHP :

  • PHP runs on platforms like Linux, Windows etc.
  • Easy function methods and syntax of this language.
  • Supports DBMS and other open source databases.
  • Supports Oracle, MySQL, Sybase etc.
  • Compatible with open source software integration, like Joomla, osCommerce, Typo3, Drupal etc. 
  • Compatible with the servers like IIS, Apache etc.
  • Offers comparable efficiency and usability when used for website development.
  • Websites developed with PHP include faster processing features and they function easily which makes the data processing easy.
  • It is compatible on all Operating Systems such as UNIX, Windows etc.
  • Compatibility to upload into HTML
  • Affordable to customize, design, develop and modify PHP based websites.
  • PHP is easier when compared to other scripting languages and it is easy to comprehend with its simple features and techniques

There are a number of open source PHP frameworks that can boost the performance as well as reduce development time. Laravel & Yii are two of the most popular frameworks. Our PHP development team is familiar with both Laravel & Yii.

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