Top 5 Benefits of using Yii Framework in your Business

Yii or “Yes It is” is a quite popular open-source, MVC based object-oriented and light-weighted PHP framework that was officially released in 2008. Yii framework is among the top five most used PHP frameworks. It has gained popularity because of the presence of advanced storing which makes it useful for web applications with high traffic generating websites like e-commerce development services.

Yii framework is equipped with advanced and sophisticated features which are perfect for all size of businesses. It has some robust tools to test and debug the applications offering a hassle-free coding in minimal time.

Let us take a glance at the top benefits of utilizing Yii framework development in the business:

1. Minimal Development Time: Yii framework offers quite a few chains of tools to automate a large number of repetitive assignments in web development solutions. This enables the dedicated Yii developers to complete the task fast and save time to concentrate more on core business requirements and foundation. One such tool is ‘Gii’ which plays a big role in creating programmed code templates for Models, Controllers, Forms, Modules, and Extensions. Gii is a fully configurable tool that offers PHP developers the complete flexibility they require to create scalable and customized codes.

2. Security: Yii framework has Cross-Site Scripting, CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) prevention, XXS like several security mechanisms. It has a constructive element known as CHtmlPurifier which functions to remove the unsafe data and ensures that the filtered content pursues the models.  When a destructive website causes a user’s browser to perform an unwanted activity on a trusted site, Yii’s CSRF prevention system helps to defeat the POST based assaults. Yii also offers a cookie approval technique that prevents cookies from being modified via an HMAC (Hash-based message authentication code) check.

3. Reserving: Reserving helps in reducing the response time and improves the speed and performance of the web application services. This framework permits the Yii programmers to integrate cache application components like CMemCache, CDummyCache and CFileCache easyily.

  • CMemCache — makes use of the spare RAM in numerous servers.
  • CDummyCache —used to rearrange the code that needs to check the accessibility of cache.
  • CFileCache — uses files to store cached data and provides a file-based caching mechanism.

4. Easy Configuration: Setting up Yii is extremely effortless and simple. The composers or Yii Framework official website serves as the source to download the essential structures. The process that’s followed after download is file extraction.  The Expert Yii developers need to just connect the files with the database, give the setup of the database which lies in the arrangement file and it is ready to run.

5. Huge Community Support: Yii development services have great network support. It offers different features like gatherings and talk gatherings, live visit, news, and corridor of fame of Yii programmers of various Yii framework development companies and agencies. Unlimited help and supports are available as different modules and other components by dedicated Yii developers in such communities.

Yii framework thus serves perfect for providing exceptional custom PHP web development services and Yii Outsourcing services. You can Hire a dedicated Yii developer to get the best possible Yii services. Various services that are offered using Yii frameworks due to its extreme benefits are –

  • Yii Development Consultation
  • Yii Website Development
  • Yii Integration Solutions
  • Yii Module Development             
  • Web Application Development
  • Custom Yii App Development
  • Corporate Web Development
  • Yii Plug-In Development
  • Enterprise Application Solutions
  • Yii Development Customization Services
  • Yii Web Support And Maintenance

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