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One of the most popular scripting languages on the web, we have been working with PHP for many years now. When you have specific dynamic content generation requirements, we have found that PHP is better suited than most scripting languages. By moving the collection and use of data to the server as opposed to doing it in the browser, the workload on client systems is greatly reduced. This is an advantage when the speed of processing while maintaining responsiveness is critical.

The Yii Framework is our preferred development environment.

Yii is the most powerful and structured PHP development framework available currently. Yii is a free open source web application development framework written in PHP5. The name Yii (pronounced ‘yee’) is the abbreviation for “Yes It Is”. Even though Yii is a relatively new framework released in December 2008 it has quickly caught the imagination and support of PHP developers everywhere. Although PHP software developers use Yii for all kinds of web applications it is most often preferred for high traffic web applications. Yii follows the MVC pattern thus encouraging you to develop clean and reusable code.

The first thing that catches your attention is the lightning fast page loads due to the efficient caching support. But this is not the only reason why we prefer to use Yii for our custom PHP software development projects. The developers of Yii have cleverly spotted the commonly repeated tasks such as authentication, site navigation bars, wizards for CRUD’s (creating, reading, updating and deleting) etc and have made implementing such features very simple and quick

Another big plus is the rock solid security built in. The framework has native components for data validation, input sanitation, output filtering, SQL injection and cross-site scripting prevention.

Yii includes a set of commonly used AJAX enabled widgets, such as auto-complete, treeview, data grid, which makes creating efficient and engaging user interfaces very easy. Another big bonus is that Yii comes integrated with jQuery. All in all, Yii has all the goodies to make powerful and engaging web applications in far less time than otherwise.

Our PHP programmers have been busy creating a large number of complex and challenging applications for clients from all over the world. Our offshore PHP software development model gives you the added advantage of getting the services of highly skilled PHP software development at very affordable prices.

If your project requirements entail a high degree of database querying and interaction then PHP might be the right choice for you. To find out how we can deliver your PHP based project please send us your project requirements. You will receive a personalized acknowledgement within 12 hours.

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