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Third Party Tools Integration


QuickBooks is a powerful and very popular accounting software package designed and marketed by Intuit. They provide both the on-premises - QuickBooks Desktop applications, as well as cloud-based - QuickBooks Online versions. We have experience using QuickBooks rich API interface to integrating with custom applications for our clients.


We have extensive experience with integrating the amazing and powerful User Interface components from Telerik. These components are cross platform capable which makes them even more useful in today's context. The multiple in-built features of Telerik makes it a good choice for developing scalable, rich, user friendly, fast and a better-looking website using minimum code.

Telerik Test Studio

Telerik's Test Studio is one of the top Windows-based software testing tools. It is an innovative and easy to use automated web and load testing solution. The Test Studio allows us to carry out different types of testing like functional testing, load testing, Mobile application testing and API testing. It saves re-testing time by identifying the unforeseen issues and also reduces the bug fixing time.


In today's hyper connected world Twilio's software platform that makes it easy for us to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages by integrating its powerful and flexible APIs is a life saver. Twilio's programmable Video is a cloud platform that allows implementing video conferencing in Web applications. It's the robust APIs makes two-way communication possible, simple to capture, distribute, record, and render high quality audio, video, and screen shares. We have experience integrating Twilio in multiple applications.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is pixel-perfect reporting software for businesses to create, update, design and deliver dynamic reports. Reports play a key role in the growth of businesses by providing its deep insights for the analysis. We use Crystal Reports for most of our .Net applications to generate different types of reports, dashboards and charts.


Hangfire is an open and free framework that helps to create and manage background tasks effectively in .NET and .NET Core applications. It supports all kind of background processes like short and long-running, CPU and I/O intensive, one shot and recurrent tasks. Hangfire allows us to schedule fire-and-forget, recurring tasks in Web applications and kick-off method calls outside of the request processing pipeline in a very easy and reliable way. These method invocations are called background jobs.

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