Why is Laravel PHP framework the best choice of PHP developers in 2020?

PHP is one of the best-suited programming languages that suffice the requirements of all small as well as big businesses. And Laravel has turned out to be the most popular PHP Frameworks for web development services in 2020. It has got a wide range of prime advantages like scalable and credible code, powerful extending capacities with the use of multiple bundles or modules and a rapid turnover.

Laravel is an important PHP framework that offers a standardized and feature-rich platform for building high performing Web Application Services.

Below is the market share of Laravel PHP framework according to techtic.com that shows us a clear picture where Laravel stands out from the rest. (Image source: techtic.com)

market share of Laravel PHP framework

Expert PHP Developers can build influential applications with greater productivity and value using the Laravel framework. It consists of a well-fabricated toolbox that allows less risk of errors by writing fewer codes.

Laravel has gained immense popularity in the Professional PHP Web Development Companies in very less time. The below stats of Google trends and Stack Overflow also show how ahead Laravel is leading in the race.

stats of Laravel popularity
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stats of Laravel popularity

Let’s discuss the best features of PHP Laravel Frameworks that have increased its value among the rest frameworks in Custom PHP development Services and companies: 

1. Template Engine – Laravel has got an innovative inbuilt lightweight template that helps in creating remarkable layouts using dynamic content seeding. It also has multiple widgets that incorporate CSS and JS code with solid structures.

2. Artisan – The inbuilt command-line tool, Artisan runs the tedious and repetitive programming tasks that many PHP Developers avoid performing manually. The Expert Laravel Programmers can also utilize Artisan to develop database structure, a skeleton code and manage the database systems easily. This also helps the Laravel developers to create their own commands.

3. Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) – It’s a simple PHP Active Record implementation that lets a PHP Web Programmer issue database queries with PHP syntax rather than writing SQL code. An ORM is said to be moderately faster than all other PHP frameworks.

4. Modular and Libraries – Laravel consists of many pre-installed libraries including the Object-Oriented libraries that are not found in other PHP frameworks.

5. MVC Architecture Support – The clear MVC pattern architecture of Laravel helps in improvising the performance and documentations. It also provides multiple built-in functions for building PHP Services.

6. Migration system for databases – The risk of losing any data is very less in Laravel migration systems.  It also helps efficiently in expanding the structure of a database of the Web Applications. The Laravel Schema Builder also plays an effective role by creating the database tables and inserts indices or columns.

7. Unit-Testing – Laravel is capable of running many tests to ensure that new changes done by programmers do not break anything in the Web Development Applications. It is very careful of known failures and also makes the process of writing unit-tests for its own code easy.

8. Security – Laravel uses hashed and salted passwords and thus won’t be saved as the plain text in a database. This PHP framework also uses the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to generate an encrypted representation of a password which plays a significant role in the security of PHP Web Development Services.

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