IT Outsourcing Team Bridging the Productivity Gap amidst the Global Corona Lock down

Global Corona Lock down

COVID-19 has swooped down the world in an extraordinary magnitude.  The fight against this novel corona virus is said to be the biggest invisible war of our century.  It has caused a perpetual loss in the sector of mankind and economy.  According to Johns Hopkins University, around 25 lakh (2.5 million) corona virus cases have been confirmed globally, with almost 1.7 lakh deaths. And the cost due to the loss of COVID-19 is continuously rising. The Asian Development Bank says that the pandemic’s global cost may exceed $4T with loss in global GDP between 2.3 % to 4.8 %.

The pandemic has been a fierce destroyer of all the brick-and-mortar businesses due to the involvement of person to person interactions. The only possible way to combat the virus without a successful vaccine is by maintaining social distancing and thus there is nothing that can be done in these sectors of leasing, renting, hotels, factories, walk-in-banks etc. However, saving lives and livelihoods should go hand in hand in order for maintaining the balance. And for keeping up the livelihoods, the UN has urged the governments to take steps to reduce the economic impact. Measures to steer the economy back to normal during the lockdown or outbreak is critical.

The businesses which can proliferate when in confinement and lockdown constraints should be supported. IT Outsourcing is such a sector which can still perform its maximum as compared to others in lockdown, thus it could be used to bridge up the economic productivity gap caused by the outbreak.

IT Outsourcing

India is one of the leading hubs of world’s IT and ITES Outsourcing and during pandemic situation, and thus these can be inevitably relied on for economic support. software outsourcing companies thrive like always when provided with adequate equipment even in confinements. These are beneficial and affordable for both the outsourcing and offshore teams. Most of the outsourcing companies are trained to work from remote and have kept their operations going on during the pandemic. Digital Mesh is one of such offshore software development company working for outsourcing teams and has continuously worked successfully to prove its rigorous project management processes during the lock down. These help to keep the businesses alive everywhere.

During an economic crisis like this, it is best to outsource the IT needs to off-shore Software Company which cuts the cost down and provides maximum profit for both the firms. It ensures that your businesses remains financially stable and meet all the demands. These are flexible in terms of the work place and mostly remain serene in terms of finishing the tasks due to the well planning and preparedness. There could also be more chances that team innovates your ideas to make it more fruitful using the skills and experience they have. The team working for freelance software companies put all their efforts and even works overtime to meet the deadlines effectively.

I believe this is the best time to outsource not only considering the affordability and credibility of the off-shore software teams, but also to support the economic crisis due to the COVID-19 and lock down.

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