7 Biggest Challenges for Remote Work and How to Tackle Them

Remote Work

I bet no one would have ever foreseen the pandemic which has completely messed up our daily routines. top software development companies in india have been forced to enable entire teams to work remotely from home. Working from home or a remote location has already been in practice from a few years now.  However, working normally during a total shutdown or pandemic outbreak is quite different from working on a normal day. At a difficult time like this, the challenges of remote work can be tackled effectively with some planning and preparation. I have penned down a few challenges that I faced when I had to suddenly start working from home.

1. Technical issues – We never usually have to face any difficulty caused by the technical view of point while working at office since we are surrounded by system experts. It all starts when you begin working remotely, all alone. The best practice to avoid this is by keeping us prepared and familiar with the essential tools like TeamViewer, Microsoft Teams etc. Arrange backup devices in case of power/network loss.

2. Team communication – There are various ways to communicate with your team remotely using Skype, Cycord, Teams, Chat boxes etc. Our mind understands visual descriptions faster than verbal. So, try to share screens. And please feel free to ask questions in case you miss anything, it’s really okay to reconfirm things than keeping doubts to yourself!

3. Distraction – It’s natural to get distracted when you work away from office. Finding or creating a peaceful small work corner is the perfect way to avoid distractions. Keep all your needy items nearby to avoid taking frequent breaks.

4. Loneliness – Initially it might sound fun to work at remote but eventually it can lead to depression due to isolation. For a fun loving social person, this could become a challenge which needs to be tackled. Don’t try to overwork or isolate yourself at a corner. Nothing is far or distant in this era until you decide to keep it that way. Be in touch with your best pals, communicate as much as possible to keep yourself lively. Keeping a lovely pet will help too!

5. Bad health habit – Munching on your favorite snack while working on your comfy couch all day long is going to affect your health physically. So guys, please make sure to take little walk breaks in between work to straighten up your spine. Have balanced diet, get good sleep and do stretch and exercise to be in shape. Maintaining physical fitness is the key to keep your a mental state healthy.

6. Staying motivated– Working at a different place other than office might be challenging for some. What we can do to stay motivated is by creating a check list for the day. Time mapping will help to keep the procrastination away.

7. Security – Keeping the client and employee data safe is one of the critical aspects of any business. There are risks of data breaching while working from remote in a public shared network. We should make sure our systems are updated with the security software. Some of the safe protocols are using strong passwords, avoiding public shared free networks and not opening suspicious mails. Be alert, vigilant and inform your system administrator immediately if you notice anything skeptical.

To sum it all, work from home can be made successful by following the office protocols, loving the work we do and by taking care of ourselves. Utilize the lockout season by spending time with the family and finding a new/old hobby. And in case you face anything difficult to overcome, directly approach your company like I do! Trust me, they will do everything possible to help you out! I work for a software outsourcing company named Digital Mesh

Stay indoors, Stay safe, and Stop the spread and Work happily!

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