Management Team – The Geeks in Suits

At our core we are a geek company run by geeks who have migrated to suits!

Chief Executive Officer – Ravi John

Ravi started his career by dropping out of college to become a programmer. At that time, computers were just taking hold in India. He was, and remains, fascinated with the power of innocuous bits of code in changing people’s lives. As a programmer, he worked on high end financial applications like the shares & stock trading system, foreign exchange trading system, and similar complex software. In 1995, the entrepreneurial bug finally bit him. He started a computer hardware & networking marketing company that did extremely well in a short period. This was also just about when the Internet “hit” the world. At that time, the “internet” was on long distance dial-up and cutting edge was still terminal based bulletin board services. After racking up huge long distance bills, he finally realized that his true calling was software.

This was also just about when the dot com bubble started exploding. He quickly wound up his hardware interests, convinced his college buddy and a seasoned IT professional, Roshan, to join him. Together, they started Digital Mesh, in a 100 square foot room, with one developer and the packing cases of their PCs as desktops. Today, Ravi heads an efficient, stable company with over 65 people, with an order book that’s expanding and growing at an exponential clip.

Roshan Kuruvilla – Chief Technology Officer

Where Ravi is the “chief dreamer” at Digital Mesh, Roshan is the pragmatic, reality grounded, lightning rod. Roshan is a career techie and before being ‘lured’ by Ravi he served as the EDP Department Head and Systems Manager at leading companies. He has been instrumental in successfully rolling out one of the largest user-base implementations of the complex Lotus Domino messaging platform. As Head of EDP, he has also led development teams in building custom enterprise applications that are in use to date. These experiences served as the spur to his role as CTO at Digital Mesh.

Roshan is a knower of systems and people. In many respects, he is the “mesh” part in Digital Mesh and a key driver of process-oriented standards. His interpersonal skills drive exceptional team loyalty through his astute understanding of developer motivation.

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