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“Moving offshore is a big decision for any software company and many can tell stories of failed ventures and software not fit for purpose. With this in mind I was very careful in choosing a partner in India and allowing them to work with very valuable code. Digital Mesh has never disappointed us. They are an extremely professional company with a good depth of skills that has excellent project management in place to ensure on time delivery of code that is up to specification. I have no hesitation in recommending this company as an offshore partner ”

Alan Hazelhurst
Managing Director, E-Goodmanners Ltd, Leeds

““To build our online collaboration software - www.glasnost21.com - we knew we needed a substantial development team with excellent technical skills.. We knew what we wanted to build, but not how we were going to do it. High quality ColdFusion or .Net developers are expensive, and high quality Flex developers are rare and expensive. When we costed our software requirements we realised that we simply could not afford to create this new product, however confident we were in it's potential.

Which is where our relationship with Digital Mesh comes in. Following extensive research we started a conversation with Ravi and his team, and are delighted we did. They have enabled us to build a great product, as opposed to just having a great idea.”

Antony Slumbers
Estates Today, London

“The project managers of Digital Mesh showed great talent in transforming our vague thoughts into a software solution in very short time. Their quick grasp of our business model gave us early on that our project was in safe hands. They created solutions, that reduced our work load to a far greater extent than we imagined. ”

Wolfgang Windisch
Manager IT Systems, Bungert GmbH & Co., Wittlich, Germany

“For years we would only consider doing our development with companies in the US. Since we began doing business with Digital Mesh, our development times have dropped substantially. In addition, the quality of development we are receiving is far superior to any other company we have ever worked with before. Moving our business to Digital Mesh was the best decision my company has ever made ”

Jeff Walton
President, Remote Technologies
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