About Us – Outsource Software Development to Digital Mesh

We are a fast growing software development outsourcing company with robust project management processes and a consistent record of on time, on budget delivery.

We are a young, vibrant software house located on the West Coast of India in the City of Cochin, the commercial hub of the southern state of Kerala, India. Keralities are an entrepreneurial lot. It is rumored that there was a Keralite running a coffee shop when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon….but we digress…sorry….back to Digital Mesh!

Digital Mesh was founded in 1999 as the logical next step of two college buddies, who were (and still are) passionate about software, information technology, the internet, and its power to transform lives at multiple levels. Basically, geeks. One quit his well paying comfortable job, another wound up his successful computer hardware business, both dreaming about riding on this wave called the internet. These two dreamers, rented a 100 square feet shop, hired a developer, and used the cardboard boxes that the PCs came in as tables. Twenty plus years later, Digital Mesh is a professionally managed company, with low attrition rates growing at a fast clip.

Our growth can be attributed to many things but at its core, it hinges on our vision and philosophy. Those college buddies have (under duress! they protest) migrated to suits now and are part of the management team. Together they have put together an operating environment that supports an open learning culture that’s committed to excel at every project we undertake. This is best reflected in our people policies.

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