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Offshore Software Development Company

Digital Mesh is an offshore software development company in India with proven, rigorous project management processes. We use an Agile software development framework that ensures hyper-efficient, speedy delivery on both open source and proprietary languages (from Microsoft & Adobe for example).

Outsourcing software development projects offshore is a tricky balance between lowering your development costs, high quality work, and on time delivery. At Digital Mesh, we excel at all three, which makes us one of the best software outsourcing companies in India. We are also a bit different from other software development companies. We do not do corporate BS. When you talk to us, you will find that we are straightforward and upfront about what we can and cannot do.

Whatever your requirement, whether its website development, application development, code maintenance, or ad hoc outsourced development support, we have billing models that will fit your needs. If this is your first try at outsourcing then you are likely to be nervous. We understand that. Outsourcing, when done wrong can be an unmitigated disaster. When done right it can have a direct impact on your bottom line. That is the sweet "ka-ching" we want to hear too. That makes us one of the best software outsourcing companies in India .

Our founders have had years of experience in software development before starting Digital Mesh. This experience has translated into a bulletproofed software development framework and a robust, Agile project management system.

These processes have helped us make consistent and positive contributions to our clients' business objectives. See what our clients have to say about offshore software development services in India with Digital Mesh. You may also want to learn more about Digital Mesh and its founders. That will give you the big picture of who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do! If you have any other questions, please do contact us with your concerns. An outsourced relationship across thousands of miles needs a high degree of trust and transparency. We are confident we can deliver exceptional value for you. We also need you to gain that confidence in us. So go ahead and contact us. Ask whatever is on your mind and we will respond within a single business day.

Enough already? Great! Let's start talking about your project. Head over to the Projects Enquiry page please and let us know your project details. You'll get a personalized acknowledgement within 12 business hours. Don't worry about any of the techie jargon if it's flying over your head, just skip on ahead. You won't hear g33k sp34k (geek speak) from us unless you are a techie yourself. We will talk to you in terms of your business and figure out the geek along the way or download ourselves into your techie's brain to get the gory details (kidding!).

We know that outsourcing your software development projects is not an easy decision to make. And when the software outsourcing vendor is an offshore entity it just makes the decision that much more tricky. This is why you need to select your offshore software developer carefully. And as one of the top software development companies in India, it is our duty to provide you with the best of the best. At Digital Mesh we have been providing expert offshore software development services to global clients since 2000. This long and varied experience has helped us fine tune our processes. We can confidently claim that you can't go wrong when you choose us as your offshore software development partner.

Need to know more? Begin with getting to know how to get started with Digital Mesh – one of the top software development company in India, then learn about our bullet proofed project management system, then delve into our security practices that protect your data, and finally understand the commercial billing models we work with.

We have experience working with multiple industry domains and work with a slew of technologies to meet our customer's needs.
Our passion for technology and a mature process driven software development culture are the central core of our offshore software development company’s success. Our team includes technology architects, project managers, and vendor/industry certified developers handpicked for their skill and dedication in getting the job done.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development


The standard reason for having an offshore software company is cost-effectiveness. It allows you to save money and time on recruitment, training and the infrastructure. Hiring skilled in-house software app developers can be expensive than offshore software developers.

Faster solutions

Developing a program and troubleshooting to perfection requires a lot of time. The time zone differences allow the work to continue 24/7, and thus can be utilized by having a set of skilled and dedicated offshore software development team on your side.

Seamless Technical Support

Our offshore team offers round the clock technical support and is open to sharing their knowledge throughout the project and even after its delivery. The application maintenance and support team at Digital Mesh is always there to support you in all the possible ways.

Business focus

Once software outsourcing is done right, it reduces your sole stress and time related to the project. The productivity of our highly dedicated and expert software development team is undeniable. This ultimately enables you to save time on the development front and concentrate more on your core business.

Why Choose Digital Mesh For Offshore Software Development?

Data Security
We are very serious about protecting your software code, Intellectual Property, and the confidentiality of your data.
Flexible Billing Models
Our billing model is flexible and designed to take into consideration your specific situation even when your project definition is not crystal clear.
Latest Technologies
The wide array of advanced technologies we play with is a stimulating challenge that enables us to gauge our capacities and keep expanding on our skills and experience.
Reliable and Punctual
Our offshore software development company in India guarantees credibility and strictly abides by the deadlines. You get to streamline the entire work process at Digital Mesh.
Integrity and Transparency
The straight forward and transparent approach of our Project managers ensures clear communication to deliver the best software development services to our global clients.
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