How to Create a Powerful FAQ Page for Your Business?


FAQs or Frequently asked questions is that nifty section of a company’s website where you provide highly requested information about your products, services and processes. It’s a short ‘self service or support’ page written for your online customers that benefits both sales and customer services. Having a well-written FAQ section on your website is a great way to show customers that you really care about their requirements and experiences.

A well-crafted FAQ section can be a potent addition to your website that serves several functions like improving the effectiveness of your Ecommerce marketing. These are also an integral part of good navigation and product presentation for most websites.

If you have a website without a FAQ page, you’re absolutely missing out several features to improve your business. Few key benefits for having FAQ pages are –

  • Enhance your visibility in search engines
  • Attracts potential customers and builds trust in business
  • Improves SEO rankings
  • Enables users to get a deeper understanding of a product/services
  • Saves time for you and your customers

Here’s a short guide on how you can create a powerful FAQ page for your Services Website!

  1. Collect relevant FAQs – It’s crucial to make sure your most frequently asked questions match with actual customer concerns. So, take time and do a thorough question research, a lot of planning, and a little strategic work while gathering the highly-requested questions. You can collect these by asking your project developers, checking support emails or by contacting front desk customer service team.
  • Arrange the FAQs in a Logical Order – Keeping the FAQ section organized will help you to keep visitors engaged to your page. While organizing, try to place the most common questions at the top of your list followed by complex questions. You can group them under subheadings or categories like Web Applications Development Services and Mobile Application Development  so visitors can easily spot their relevant questions.
  • Implement structured data – Using abundant of a Meta keywords, titles, description, and tags in content is a good way to make it visually appealing in the Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page). And you will likely see a boost in SEO rankings and get a higher average click-through rate. Thus, web developers focuses on building a SEO friendly FAQ web page because it could pull you ahead of your competitors in your niche.
  • Use visuals – Always try to provide clear and concise answers by avoiding long complex paragraphs. You can use images, charts, graphics, videos and screenshots to guide customers step-by-step through process in case of long answers. Sometimes using a visual representation helps a lot to grab attention and explain the concept easily.
  • Build a brilliant navigational structure –     A quick search feature is an excellent way to directly point out to apt FAQs. Try to keep straightforward and seamless navigation by creating logical categories and setting up legible page architecture.  You can use links of your other website pages in the FAQ page if possible; it will help visitors navigate to that page if he/she is looking for detailed information.
  • Keep Your FAQs Updated –Always keep your FAQ pages updated by adding new questions and answers and also delete the old questions if no longer relevant. This will enhance the value of your FAQ page and will maintain the credibility with your visitors.
  • Check Your Site’s Analytics – Check the analytics of your FAQ page on an interval of a week to check if it’s getting traffic. You may need to add some suggestions/links onto your site for directing people to the page in case of low/no traffic. If the visitors are staying on your page for longer, it’s a good sign or else you might have to rework the page. Having an eye on the site’s analytics on a regular basis will help you to fine tune your FAQ page as well as other pages on your site.

Generally, FAQ pages are considered as an afterthought for many websites. But now you know how critical it is to have one. It helps to build value by enhancing ease of use and also customer trust simultaneously. A well-planned FAQ page could also substantially reduce the number of calls to customer support thus freeing them for complex tasks.  You can contact Digital Mesh for any assistance you need without any second thought.

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