Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Python for AI Projects?

Python for AI Projects

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an interdisciplinary science to build smart machines that are programmed to think and mimic human intelligence. AI is continuously evolving and is applied to many industries by developing machines based on diverse subjects like mathematics, computer science, linguistics and psychology. Its goal is to create machine systems that perform tasks based on human intelligence.

There are various multiple languages used by software developers, but out of all Python is said to be the best choice of programmers for AI, Machine learning (ML) and data analytics. The robust nature of Python Services focuses on RAD (Rapid Application Development) and DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself). Python is a high-level and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language that also works perfectly as a gluing language, i.e. to connect the existing components.

Why Python for Artificial intelligence (AI)?

Python Programming language supports the usage of modules and packages offering massive benefits to all starting from simple to complex processes.

  • Libraries – The large set of pre-built libraries in Python satisfies every requirement of the AI project. These abundant libraries and frameworks save time and cut down on the initial development cycle. The ones that are mostly used in AI are –
    • NumPy – For scientific computation
    • Keras– For building a neural network framework
    • SciPy– For advanced computation
    • Scikit-learn – For data mining and data analysis
    • PyBrain– For neural networks, unsupervised and reinforcement learning
    • TensorFlow – For deep learning models.
  • Community Support – Python has great community support because of its open-source availability. A lot of Python documentations and forums are available online on various Web Applications from where we can get help in no time at every stage of development.
  • Less Coding – AI involves a lot of algorithms which becomes difficult sometimes for the Software Developers to implement. Python offers a secure testing environment and makes it is possible to write and execute the codes quickly with efficiency. It can implement the OOP similar logic with as much as one-fifth of the code and that’s why Python has become the first choice of most of the AI projects.
  • Platform Independent – Python’s platform independency enables to get your app up with ease and execute it on any operating system by making just a few changes in the source code. Platform Agnostic Python thus helps the developers to save time for testing the codes on various platforms. The Website Maintenance can also be performed easily on Python platform.
  • Flexibility – Python’s versatility makes it appropriate for every purpose.It gives us an option to choose between the object-oriented approach and scripting. It’s flexible enough to work as a perfect back-end language and it can also associate different data structures together. Python helps the developers to implement different algorithms by verifying the majority of code in the IDE itself.
  • Popularity – It’s the ease of learning, adaptability, dynamic developer community, prolonged libraries, efficiency and scalability that have made Python one of the most popular programming languages on the planet. Major companies that use Python are Google, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, NASA, Dropbox etc. It has also gained success with the usage of big data and cloud computing solutions.

Artificial intelligence can be tricky at times, but the usage of Python programming language helps the developers to handle complex challenges with its simple syntax and flexibility. It gives the power to code with clarity. At Digital Mesh, our Python developers have been delivering mission-critical applications for many years now. We use Python along with Zope web server application & Django Framework in our Offshore Python Development Company in India.

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