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Marketplace Integration Services

Although it is necessary to build your own e-commerce application there are times when only a well-established Marketplace can help you grow your business at a quick pace. Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have become household names and whether we like it or not the fact is that it is almost impossible for a small busines to match the reach of these giants. At Digital Mesh we advise our clients to invest in their own ecommerce application but also take advantage of the power of global marketplaces.

Our e-commerce development team has extensive experience with setting up business on all the leading marketplaces. The chart below details all the specific marketplace integration services we can provide you.

Our Marketplace Integrations Services

Our Marketplaces Marketplace Integration Services
Product Listing Configuration Inventory Management & Synchronization Order Management Category Mapping Business Enrichment Enhancements Order Shipping & Fulfillment Return & Refund Management

Amazon FBA

The expert e-commerce developers team at Digital Mesh also have experience with Amazon FBA (Fulfilled BY Amazon) Inbound Restocking and Shipment Automation in the Amazon marketplace. We can help you maintain various reports like active listing, order reports, FBA inventory report etc. using the Reports API.

Our team can also help you maximize your sales by optimizing your ad spends using Amazon Ads API for Campaign Management.

The Marketplace Integration Services that we provide to our clients are –

  1. Product Listing Configuration - We help you define the product list configurations and let you control the auto-listed products on different marketplaces based on its parameters like brands, price ranges, shipping time etc.
  2. Inventory Management & Synchronization - We keep an eye on the Inventory feed synchronization to keep your products updated on all marketplaces. This will ensure that you never need to cancel an order due to product shortage.
  3. Order Management - We also automate and aggregate orders feed on all the marketplaces that enable you to manage all orders in a single interface easily. It gets updated on the relevant marketplaces when you add, cancel orders, or add shipping details on the software.
  4. Category Mapping - It's a onetime process where the categories are mapped into different marketplaces. We help clients to map their categories to automate the entire listing process. These can be changed anytime in future when required.
  5. Business Enrichment Enhancements - We deliver Business enrichment enhancement services like providing deep insight of website contents and their product descriptions to include effective keywords that lead to sales and profits.
  6. Order Shipping & Fulfillment - We keep a track of all the orders from the time these are placed to its picking, packaging, labeling till shipping them to the customers. Our clients are kept updated of everything that is happening behind the scenes.
  7. Return & Refund Management - We can help you implement an easy return & refund management process.

The e-commerce development team at Digital Mesh has helped many global businesses to grow their sales on marketplaces. Contact us today to see how we can do the same for your business.

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