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Payment Systems


Chargify is a globally accepted recurring billing and subscription management platform designed for subscription-based businesses. Chargify aims to break the billing traffic by offering payment services like management, recurring billing, revenue retention, analytics, third party integrations, etc.

Chargify is designed to allow easy access to customer insight, signups, revenue, and cancellations using its dashboard. It enables the businesses to launch products quickly and generate revenue without writing custom billing codes.

One of the main advantages of Chargify is its ability to work with various payment gateways. Its open API can also be integrated into a business websites.

We have integrated Chargify with e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Contact us to find out how Chargify can power your online business.


Stripe is a cloud payment platform designed to help developers to accept the credit/debit cards processing and manage online transactions. It is an all-in-one payment platform ideal for e-commerce or web-based businesses.

The customized UI toolkit and outstanding security to detect and block fraudulent transaction attempts are two main features which makes it one of the best software platforms for running internet business.

The meticulously designed Stripe's API is easy to integrate into existing websites, mobile apps, or even CRM systems.

Our team of experienced and skilled programmers have integrated Stripe on many e-commerce web sites and will be happy to get your online business up and running. Contact us to find out more.


Braintree, a company promoted by PayPal, is an online payment platform suitable for any business, big or small, that needs to sell on the Internet. Braintree is particularly attractive for online businesses that wish to sell abroad as it offers attractive currency conversion rates.

When selling your products on marketplaces you need a payment system that supports split payments so that a part of the payment can be sent to the marketplace owner and another part to the seller. Braintree makes such split payments easy to implement.

At Digital Mesh we have extensive experience integrating the Braintree API's with Magento , Shopify , WooCommerce and other ecommerce platforms. Contact us to find out how we can make Braintree work for you!

Payment Services

PayPal QuickPay

PayPal is one of the oldest and leading online payment processor in the world. It was widely accepted by people because of its quick and easy money transfer process and for its high safety measures. Its powerful tools offer solid invoicing, e-commerce, payment processing and reporting services to its customers.

PayPal is used in over 203 countries and supports 25 currencies with 9 card types. Another attractive feature of PayPal is that it comes with $0 monthly charges. The businesses or consumers with an email address can send and receive payments online in a safe, convenient, and effective way using PayPal.

At Digital Mesh, our expert developers have successfully integrated PayPal's express checkout option on many of our client e-commerce website. This allows for a very smooth checkout process which in turn makes the user experience better.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is an online payment service that was launched in 2007 by Amazon for its users. It allows you to make payments for goods, services, and donations on third-party websites, in apps and using Alexa. The payment on Amazon pay can be easily done by using any of the payment methods on file in the user's Amazon account.

Almost everyone is on Amazon now, which gives an additional advantage for customers to make easy payment. The security procedures are also very advanced when compared to other services. Another plus point of Amazon Pay is that its transaction fee is the same as PayPal.


Sezzle is an interesting payment service that enables its customers to pay for their orders with interest-free installment plans. This can help online businesses increase sales significantly.

Sezzle splits the purchase of a customer into four equal interest-free installments and automatically schedules it for the next six weeks whenever a payment is made by them on it.

This e-commerce platform was recently launched in 2017. They use a proprietary algorithm over the traditional credit card checks to discover if the credit is real and worthy and for enabling more consumers to get approved.

At Digital Mesh, we have skilled team of developers who have expertise in payment integration services like Stripe, Chargify, Braintree, PayPal QuickPay, Amazon Pay and Sezzle. Get in touch with us to integrate custom payment system services to your website.

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