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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Services

Pay Per Click, Paid media or PPC advertising refers to a range of different digital advertising paid mediums those converts clicks to profit. PPC marketing allows you to get quicker results than long-term SEO involving organic ranking strategy.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the fastest way to get your products discovered and purchased online. Our expert SEM ninjas use latest cutting edge technologies, best tools and commercial software available in the market at our Pay Per Click Marketing Service Company in India. Our developers have also built our own customized tools that are designed to perform the best results.

At Digital Mesh, the major goals of our Digital marketing experts are to use these paid search campaigns effectively in competitive commercial niches to drive in maximum traffic and sales to our clients. The Search Engine Marketing services (SEM) including the Paid media and PPC Ads are very useful for businesses having trouble in ranking organically on search engines. We use unique digital marketing strategies to maximize your Return on Investments (ROI) through a process of constant testing and refinement all effectively under your said budget.

Our PPC marketing Services

  • Keyword Focused Strategy – We use advanced keyword research and targeting strategies to reduce unnecessary Ad spends.
  • Advanced Bid Optimization – Our expert marketplace specialists use advanced and effective bidding techniques like CPC and CPA.
  • Ongoing Campaign Optimizations – We also check and improve the existing campaigns and optimize it to drive in the best possible ROI.
  • Budget placing and monitoring – Our expert digital marketing agents ensures that your ads are being seen to the right audience at the right time for the right price.
  • Ad Copy Creation and A/B Testing – We keep testing the latest promotions to improve the Click Through Rate (CTR) to your site.
  • Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization – Our web designers and SEO experts optimize the landing page to increase the conversion rates.
  • Diverse Ad Campaigns – We use widespread marketing campaigns across multiple networks to generate more brand awareness and visibility. Most common types of advertising campaigns the best Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency provides are Shopping Ads, Search Ads, Display Ads, Remarketing, Local service ads, Social ads, Gmail sponsored promotions and In-stream ads.

Types of Pay Per Click(PPC) Ads

  • Search Advertising –

    Be it Google or Bing PPC, we create Search ads with quality keyword enriched titles and descriptions aiming for maximum conversions. Our SEO ninjas ensure that your target audience finds them by using the quality score and advanced bidding.

  • Display Advertising –

    Reaching your potential customers over such a vast Google Display advertising network is very tricky. If done right, it has the power to change the business in just a few months. Our Digital Advertising experts focus on the constant inflow of clients by taking your brand to the potential customers on relevant partner websites globally.

  • Remarketing –

    Remarketing or retargeting Ads are an effective PPC marketing tactic that gets leads to convert. We focus on the products or services that your audience has viewed previously and operate to reengage it making them reconsider choosing your brand. An effective approach is taken to increase conversions by keeping the brand identity intact.

  • Social Ads –

    It is one of the most popular paid media advertising used to connect with social media users. We provide Social media advertising on different platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter based on client requirements. These are one of the best PPC ad types for engaging leads and the right audience.

  • Google Shopping –

    Google Shopping campaign might be a more effective PPC campaign if you are having an e-commerce website. It shows a peek of your products to the audience over Google in a carousel form with cost and details prior to clicking. Google Shopping campaign has a higher chance of converting since the visitor has already seen what you are offering.

  • Local Service Advertising –

    Local Service Ads are operated separately from Google Ads. It is used to mainly help the locals to find businesses that service in their location. These Local Service Ads are great to drive in traffic from local customers.

We Also Provide Marketplace Paid Advertising at Digital Mesh

Marketplace Pay Per Click and Paid advertising drives the performance of your products and services in marketplaces. The Digital Marketing specialists at our top Marketplace Paid Advertising Services Providing Agency in India have well expertise in managing these paid search campaigns.

Selling products on the worlds popular retailers is a great market opportunity for many e-commerce businesses to increase their sales. Our SEM specialists are well experienced with working on different marketplace platforms. Our expert Software and ecommerce development team have also integrated many marketplace integrations services to the global clients as per their requirements. The quality of work they provide and their experience is equivalent to top marketplace management services in India. Be it any e-commerce platform, we assure to provide you result driven PPC Advertisement management campaigns and services.

Every marketplace has its own particular algorithms, guidelines and parameters that should be followed to reach the target audiences and rank on top searches. The experienced marketplace experts at Digital Mesh specialize in providing revenue-focused campaigns and marketing services over diverse marketplaces.

The Platforms We Excel Paid Advertising Services:

  1. Amazon

    Our marketplace experts are proficient in the Amazon Advertising services. The process we use at our Amazon advertising agency to improve sales on Amazon Ads includes automatic and manual targeting, optimized bidding, organized campaigns, ultra-targeted keywords, building brand awareness and keeping a track of Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

  2. eBay

    We promote listings on eBay by setting up and optimizing the eBay Ad campaigns. We manage it all from listing your products to pricing them and meeting the best possible sales at our eBay advertising service providing agency in India.

  3. Overstock

    Our expert market place specialists will help you set up your account, and sell your products abiding by all rules and guidelines and increase your sales up through effective advertising methods and optimizations.

  4. Walmart

    We have expertise in implementing productive calculated ad targeting, automate ad delivery, and evaluate ad effectiveness in Walmart Marketplace Advertising. We surpass in Walmart's Paid media advertising strategy that includes banner ads, search, native ads and product listings at our Walmart Marketing service providing agency.

  5. Google

    Our team of Google AdWords experts takes care of developing, creating, launching, and managing your Google Shopping Ads and Google Ads campaigns to achieve maximum sales. Hire best AdWords experts to get the best Google Ads services at your advertising budget.

  6. Bing

    We offer top Bing PPC management services to our clients by building powerful Bing advertising campaigns. The marketplace experts at our Bing PPC Advertising services providing agency in India know how to use Bing's Ads platform to achieve higher click-through rates and more conversions.

Hire Dedicated PPC Experts at Digital Mesh

  • Build, Launch and Manage PPC Campaigns
  • Optimize Existing Ad Campaigns
  • Increase Leads And Sales
  • Eliminate Ad Spends on Expensive Keywords and Un-Optimized PPC Campaigns
  • Marketplace Paid Advertising Services

You would need an experienced PPC management company to get high returns and conversions. At Digital Mesh, our professional PPC experts make data-driven decisions to continually optimize your campaigns and look at your entire funnel to earn leads.

Our team of marketplace experts and digital marketers follow value-driven advanced Ad technology and strategy within budget to create the right advertising campaign for long-term needs. Hire dedicated digital marketing experts for delivering the best marketing services at very affordable costs while retaining high performance and sales.

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