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Flexible Billing Models

Our billing model is flexible and designed to take into consideration your specific situation even when your project definition is not crystal clear.

Each project is different and requires a different approach. In some instances the goals may be clear but the project plan remains flexible. In others, the project requirements are known in minute detail. Our billing models can cater to your requirement whatever be the situation. Over the years, experience has shown us that most projects fit into one of the following billing models:

Fixed Price:

This is suited when you are clear about your requirements, can define your project in exact detail with minimum ambiguity, and there is no scope for changes. We then have an adequate basis to accurately estimate the skill requirements, and the number of hours, and hence arrive at the project cost.


When you have a broad idea about your project but due to various factors are not able to fully define all your requirements at one go, the hourly model will be more cost effective.

We can provide a guesstimate about the costs for budgeting purposes and agree on person rates per skill type. Actual invoicing would be based on the hours worked on the project.


For code maintenance projects or where your requirements are volatile and require constant tweaks, we will assign a full time developer or developers as required. Full time by definition is a period of 160 hours within one calendar month (40 hrs/week x 4 weeks).

In addition to ensure that your work gets executed smoothly, we will assign a non-dedicated Project Manager and a Tester to your project at no additional cost to you. Also, as always the shadow member follows the main team ready to step in as a replacement if required.

Ready to discuss your requirements? Please head over to the Project Enquiry page. The questionnaire is short and will help us zero in on your requirements quickly. You will receive a personalized acknowledgement within 12 business hours.

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