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Bulletproofed Project Management – The Magic of a Well-Planned Project

Meticulously planned and executed projects with proactive systems to protect against project failure.

At Digital Mesh, Project Management is a discipline that is refined constantly. Over the years, our experience has distilled it into a robust, predictable process that just works! It's also person independent. (No, we don't have coding robots!) What we mean is that your project is never at the mercy of the availability or non-availability of a specific individual. Your project will move forward on schedule irrespective of the persons involved. If there is any deviation from the requirements (aka scope creep), we'll alert you early. If tasks begin to fall behind schedule, alarm bells will start ringing all over Digital Mesh and a separate team will descend down on the project team to demand why. Keeping a project on schedule is good for you and it is just as good for us.

How do we do this?

Protection Against Project Failure – 3D Redundancy

In a software project, there are three critical elements that need to work together in synchronized harmony: A Project Management Process, a supporting Software Development Framework, and People who are totally clued into the project. Any one of these go out sync and the risk of project failure rises. Get these right and the magic of a well-planned project kicks in. Like how it is at Digital Mesh!

You might think that such a structured approach is too formal and long-winded for smaller projects. Not at all! We’ve used the exact same process for one-developer projects as for 10-person teams. Simply put, it works! Once set into motion it moves very fast… almost like a mini-elephant on jet skis!

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