Offshore Software Development In India

Bulletproofed Application Development

Maximum Data Security - Protecting your Code, Data & Intellectual Property

Stringent multi-tiered security systems and processes ensure maximum levels of security against network penetration and data theft.

We are very serious about protecting your software code, Intellectual Property, and the confidentiality of your data. Where applicable we will gladly sign NDAs to provide an added layer of protection to your Intellectual Property. Even without an NDA we have stringent processes and practices in place to ensure that your project code and data is protected at all times.

Network Security

The development center network is guarded by network monitoring and content filtering systems, and sits behind a firewall. All systems are equipped with continuously updated anti-virus scanning software. All ports to the outside world operate in stealth mode making us practically invisible to malicious attacks. The content filtering systems prevent users from visiting inappropriate or rogue sites, further minimizing the exposed footprint to external attacks.

Physical Access

Access to the development center is strictly controlled using biometric and card based access systems. All access logs are periodically reviewed for discrepancies and further investigated if required.

Desktop Security

USB drives on all PCs in the development center are disabled. The distribution of writable discs is strictly controlled. Only the most essential software is ever loaded on to a developer's system. They need to obtain prior permission before installing any additional software.

Project Security

Developers are granted access rights only to assigned projects. They also sign an NDA when joining the company that makes them legally liable for deliberate or inadvertent misuse of data. In addition, depending on your security concerns we have them sign supplementary project specific NDAs

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