Offshore Software Development In India

Agile Software Development

Getting Started on your Offshore Software Development Project – Painlessly with our, No Nonsense Approach

Right from the time you submit your enquiry to our custom offshore software development company, we work towards giving you absolute clarity on how we will deliver your project and at what cost.

To get started, please fill out the Project Enquiry form. This is a short questionnaire designed to elicit the most critical elements in scoping the project requirements. You will receive a personal acknowledgement from us within 12 business hours. Depending on the complexity of your requirements, there might be some additional discussions before our expert software developers are able to submit a final technical and commercial proposal. We have different billing models that accommodate the varied nature of projects. We will identify, in discussion with you, one that best fits your needs. If we cannot fulfill your requirements, we will decline early on, so you do not waste time in finding the right outsourcing partner. In fact, we would also try to recommend other offshore software development companies who may have the skills to match your requirements.

On-Boarding & Communication

Assuming all goes well (why would it ever not) and you award us the project, the on-boarding process will kick-in like clockwork.

A Project Manager gets assigned to your project. He or She will be your single point of contact who will work with you right through to the end of the project. All communication will get routed through a single email id usually, Internally this gets forwarded to your Project Manager along with senior management and our quality assurance team. Hence, while you may interact with just the Project Manager, you can rest assured that there are multiple people in the communication stream and that attention gets paid to the tiniest detail of your project. A double layer of management monitoring, partly derived from our shadowing policy, ensures that your project stays on track and problems are resolved early on at our custom software development company in India.

You will also get a list of key management contacts who you may contact in a given situation. If you run into any difficulty or would like to discuss any issue, please free to escalate it to Vice-President Operations. Normally, we will be in touch with you even before you realize that something needs fixing. We are fully accountable for what our software development experts do and you will get an accurate picture of the situation at all times.

Project & Application Management

The project management process streamlines software development into discrete manageable steps. At least three versions of the application software exist in the development stream at any point in time. There will be one version on the development server, another on your staging server, and the released code on your live or production server. The development server is located on our premises. You will need to provide access to the staging and production servers at your premises or data center. In addition, we also use SVN Version Control to keep track of all changes and forks in the project code. This allows us to rollback quickly to an earlier version if needed. We follow an Agile software development process that's milestone driven. You will be able to review the software as it develops thereby giving you greater flexibility and control in identifying problems early on.

We are also constantly reviewing our delivery and quality processes to make sure that we are giving you the absolute best software development services. In addition we are ready to adapt to your process if that is what makes you comfortable.

Ready to discuss your requirements? Please submit your requirements to our custom software development company in India through the Project Enquiry page. We look forward to working with you!

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