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The Software Development Framework - Our Secret Sauce!

The in-plain-sight-secret that allows us to write high quality software code at a lower cost and higher efficiency.

We follow an architecture driven development methodology. Yes, we know that’s a mouthful to get around! It’s geek talk to say that we have a well-defined, highly efficient software development process in place. The direct benefit from this approach is that we are able to create quality code which in turn translates to lower costs and better efficiencies for you. An additional benefit is that a developer starts getting productive on a project with a much shorter learning curve.

A development framework is nothing more than a set of rules that dictate how the software should be coded. The framework or architecture ensures that we maintain a consistent style and approach to writing code. It also helps us identify opportunities for code reuse and over the years, we’ve built a large library of “plumbing code” that can be plugged in with minimal tweaking. This architecture can vary with the programming environment and since we work on both proprietary and open source software we’ve developed a hybrid, customized framework that can accommodate the stresses and demands from both worlds.

If you would like to learn more about our development framework and how it will helps us deliver a high quality, cost effective product on your project please contact us.

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